Watching them grow | Lillybelle Rose Photography

It is nearly impossible to articulate the incredible mix of emotions I feel as our girls begin the new school year.  Lilly has left for SCAD Atlanta, this year sharing an apartment vs a dorm.  Alexa is going to begin her SENIOR year.  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?  Bella, my little Bella…is starting High School.  They are bright, funny, kind, talented girls.  They make me so proud to be their Mom.  It’s exciting to watch them experience new things and grow from their adventures, yet I want it all to STOP!!!!  My babies.  My sweet baby girls.  These beautiful young women are, somehow, my little babies.  Father Time, please, just give us a minute to catch up!

Imagine all those feelings, and then you pick up a camera and see this through your lens.  Ugh.  Look at them.  I’m blown away.  I’m overjoyed.  I’m so sad.  I’m fine.  I think…





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