My Story

After EIGHT YEARS in business, I am still blown away that you are here and I am a photographer!   Lillybelle Rose Photography is the best unplanned journey of my life!  While I’ve always been drawn to activities involving creativity and little ones, I did not think I had it in me to be a business owner/entrepreneur.  (I. Am. Soooo. NOT. the entreprenuer type!  LOL!  Yes, I use “lol”.  I’m old. ;D)  The story of how Lillybelle Rose began is a long one, sprinkled with illness, new friendships and motivation by those who know and love me most.  Here I am eight years later, growing my clientele and winning awards, and kicking myself for pushing the business away for so long.  Seriously, capturing what means the world to you means the world to me.  It is an honor through and through!!!  I ah-dore newborns and am a romantic when it comes to the miracle of life.  I will cherish my time with your newest family member, and create images which will allow you to cherish this incredible time long after it passes.

Never planned to be a photographer!

Started as a child & family photographer.

Fell in love with newborns.

The above statement will be way too obvious at your session!

Lillybelle Rose is a creative combination of our girls' names.

I *really* like Starbucks.

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