Lillybelle Rose Photography | Minis and Milestones

Third time starting this post!  Ugh.  Much I want to express, and it seems “a bit much” every time I try to put it all into words.  Maybe blogging at 10:30pm on a Sunday night is the problem.  Maybe not.  Let’s talk this through together…

I ADORE seeing my little newborns as they grow!  Capturing their Milestones and seeing them with their families during Mini Sessions brings me incredible joy.  And here’s the ‘but’, meeting them as newborns – that is MAGICAL!!!  Then again, seeing their personalities develop over their first year – such a treat!  And capturing them over the years during seasonal Mini Sessions – it’s a total blast!!!  < Too much, right?  I can admit it’s hard for my 48 yr old body to chase toddlers.  I can admit editing is not my happy place.  But seriously, I truly love being with your babies, as newborns and on!  Maybe a weekend of celebration and snuggles has made me sappier than usual, but I am simply speaking my truth.   I. ADORE. YOUR. LITTLE. ONES. and CHERISH. EVERY. SESSION!

And can you blame me???  Each of these milestone celebrants were a Lillybelle Rose Photography newborn.  Each one was in my studio within a week or two of birth.  I held them.  I soothed them.  I marveled in their perfection.  And here they are, all grins & giggles, chubby cheeks and adorable rolls, with personality galore.


And then there are the families who have been with Lillybelle Rose for years, some since the beginning.  Some of these peanuts were captured as newborns.  Some I met as toddlers.  All make me smile and leave me feeling overjoyed at the end of a Mini Session day!


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