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All newborn clients receive a “Welcome!” email with instructions to contact me once baby arrives.  Graham’s Daddy’s arrival email had me giggling all day.  It read, “Oops. He came early!”  Nothing like a new soul to keep us on our toes and throw us some curve balls along the way.  Thankfully sweet Graham arrived perfectly healthy and, to top it off, incredibly handsome!!!



I was excited to have an older sibling to work with during Amelie’s session, knowing big sister could safely snuggle her, but this first capture blew me away!  As soon as big sister held Amelie, the grinning began.  This image is a sign of an incredible friendship to come, and had me near tears.  As our girls grow and life takes them their separate ways, I am thankful they had many moments like this together, to solidify their relationship and grow to love and cherish one another.  Amelie will surely admire and adore her big sisters.

When Lily’s Mom let me know she was bringing fresh flowers for the session, I was unsure how well things would go.  What colors?  What sizes?  How would I incorporate them?  Would the baby or I be allergic?  When she agreed to clipping the flowers to use them as I wanted, I was excited.  When I wrapped her fair skinned beauty and placed her in a basket surrounded by the flowers, I was inspired.  That afternoon, I drove over to purchase beautiful, safe, silk flowers for the studio, and have used them for nearly every little girl’s session since.  Because…who wouldn’t be inspired by a new soul and flowers?