Lillybelle Rose Photography | Emi & Edison

This session was bitter sweet!  An inquiry from the daddy of these princesses let me know how excited he and his wife were as they awaited their twins, and how he found my business.  To be honest, I gasped.  No way!  Could not be possible!  But, alas, it was true…My twin sister is a Principal, and the mommy of these two beauties was one of my sister’s former elementary school students!!!  HOW???  When did THAT MUCH time pass?  Oh the mix of emotions!  Can you feel me?  hehehe  Yep – a blessing and a reminder just how incredible life is.

Speaking of incredible…Emi and Edison are perfect in every way.

I don’t typically show accessories or props that are not mine, but this image had to be shared!  Mommy bought her sweethearts coordinating headbands and wraps, and I love all the details.  Sweetness right here!

Lillybelle Rose Photography | Simple Studio Minis

Whether you are looking to capture a milestone or a Valentine moment, these Simple Studio Minis are just right for your little ones ages 5 months and up.  Sessions are 15 minutes long, and therefore recommended for children who do not need a lot of time to warm up to the camera.  If you would like to bring along a touch of Valentine’s Day in the way of a prop, please do!  (Mylar is not recommended due to it’s reflective quality.)  While we only have time for one outfit, we will have time to add your prop for an image or two.  Sessions are very limited and will book quickly, so grab your spot right away if you are interested!  Book here:  All the details are below, but please do let me know if you have any questions!


Lillybelle Rose Photography | HAPPY NEW YEAR


What a year it has been!!!  Never would have dreamed specializing in newborn photography would be feasible, or provide enough clientele to keep “the doors open”.  And here we are, the end of another year filled with more than fifty beautiful new souls…each one as precious as the last.

To watch them grow through my lens during their first year is a treat.  To capture this exciting time is an honor.  Thank you, to all of my clients and supporters, for SEVEN years of Lillybelle Rose Photography.



Lillybelle Rose Photography | My heart

This session…This family…This beautiful newborn…It had been years since I captured Evan’s big brother Nathan, but remembered him and his family well.  When I saw a session notification in my inbox for a newborn session with them, I squealed.  Literally.  Oh my heart…SO. INCREDIBLY. HAPPY. FOR. THEM.  Evan is a dream come true, and a very lucky little boy. Can’t begin to explain how honored I am to be chosen to capture new life, and a family’s bond.


Lillybelle Rose Photography | A Miracle & Holiday Wishes!

Every newborn’s birth has felt like a miracle to me.  The science and magic of it all…Then there are little ones like Shiv.  He takes the term “miracle” to the next level.  It is an honor to capture every new soul, but situations like his add another level of love and gratitude to the session, making it even more moving to capture.




As we welcome in the week of endless errands, to-do lists and more, I’d like to take a moment to wish you all a very happy holiday season.  We will spend this week enjoying now rare moments with all three of our daughters home together, multiple family parties, and waaaaaay too many delicious treats.  ;)  Whether you celebrate Chanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day or New Year’s Eve, I hope your holiday is filled with all that warms your heart.


Lillybelle Rose Photography | Milestones

Milestones!  Milestones!  And more Milestones!  It is really incredible to watch “my newborns” grow through my lens during their first year.  These Milestone Sessions capture the magical transformation a few months can make, and it blows me away each time.  The smiles, new tricks and adorable rolls are always the icing on the cake!  Here are a handful of adorable babies for you to gaze upon…SO. CUTE!!!! Right???




Lillybelle Rose Photography | Ethan

Can’t believe how many months ago this handsome little soul was captured!  Why do I stink at keeping my blog up to date?  Why does it seem so difficult to find new adjectives to describe each session and sweet miracle I meet?  THEY ARE ALL PERFECT!  They ALL touch my heart.  My list of sessions to blog is embarrassingly long.  I will get them all blogged, but I guess you will just have to deal with the same old adjectives which suit these precious subjects so well…Hopefully their beautiful faces will make up for my lack of linguistic flair???  Surely Ethan can distract even the toughest critic.  Just look at this baby!!!  Sigh…Such a sleepy little mush of adorableness.  (<How’s that for some well spoken words?  hehehe)



Lillybelle Rose Photography | Special Days

Newborn photography has held my heart captive for years.  There is little in life as magical as meeting a new soul and capturing everything sweet and wonderful.  These sessions are long and HOT, but absolutely magical.  Another bonus, of course, is these sessions do not require me to check the forecast hourly, deal with overcast mornings, slop through wet grass, organize endless reschedules due to endless fall rains, or fight the cold harsh winds of Autumn.   Yes, Fall Minis were quite the ordeal this year, but look…LOOK AT ALL THIS LOVE!  LOOK AT ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL FACES!  LOOK AT ALL THIS HAPPINESS!  I swore this would be my last year dealing with the hassles of outdoor mini sessions, then I designed this collage.   You all bless me with your bookings, and smiles, and hugs.  Every session.  Every time.  Maybe one mini day next year?  Or two?  Maybe…


But these special days in the studio – a breeze!  Holiday Mini day was SO much fun!  Look at these adorable faces, sweet little cozies and sibling snuggles.  Definitely going to be planning more fun studio days in 2017!


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