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Nolan, at 7 days new, came to the studio for his newborn session today.  It’s rare that I blog a newborn session the day of the session, but he was incredible.   He is over 8lbs, has a perfect head of hair, is gorgeous, and was an INCREDIBLE model.  This image, yep, last one of the session.  Thank you, Nolan!!!

What a wonderful start to a Monday!


Chicago Newborn and Family Photographer | Fall Minis

Fall Minis, round two, were ah-mazing!!!  The weather was wonderful, including beautiful sunshine – such a change from our first fall mini day, and all my little clients smiled at me or hugged on me.  :))  I know that’s not what it’s about, but can you imagine going to work and having little ones hug you every day?  Yeah… it’s AWESOME!!!  hehehe  So blessed!  {Love my job.  Love my job.  Love my job.}

Back on track, fall minis round two:  Just look at these lovelies, the joy, the snuggles, and the cuteness.  Enjoy!


Fun link!

As you all know, mid August to late September was a crazy time for our family.  I know it’s all relative, and hear so many with one or two kids saying how hard things are, so I won’t give you our details and either make you feel like a whimp or have you realize how crazy things are for you.  Let’s just say now that our trips are all over, Lilly is settled in college over 700 miles away, school/dance/voice/golf are running smoothly for our two younger daughters and my full Fall schedule is in swing, I can finally post this link.  May not be time for summer travel, but there are some nice tips and ides to inspire images throughout your year!  Enjoy!

Chicago Newborn Photographer | Glen Ellyn Newborn Photographer

These two little bundles of joy came to the studio at five days new, and healthy as can be.  Mommy and Daddy did an amazing job carrying these two while caring for their “little” big sister.  Miss Grace was over six pounds and Mr. Shep was over seven!  You go, Mama!!!

This image might be one of my favorite, because we worked H.A.R.D. to get it!  Dad worked some magic by turning on the song, “Happy”, and big sister Lilah instantly transformed from not so sure to HAPPY!  Love the power of music.  :)


Here is one of the babies on this beautiful swing from Woodsy Wonders.  No worries, these babies were completely safe.  These images have been photoshopped! ;)


And one more, because who doesn’t love to see a twin snuggle.  Sigh… I LOVE MY JOB!



Happy 5th Year to Lillybelle Rose! | Chicago Newborn Photographer | Glen Ellyn Newborn Photographer

Congratulations to Cindy M., Sarah S., Adrienne S., Danielle S., and Tere M.!  Did you notice?  Two last names beginning with M and three beginning with S!  What are the odds?  : ) 

I’ll be sending your gift cards in the mail tomorrow.  ENJOY!  And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support!


Oh my gosh… It is hard to wrap my brain around the fact that Lillybelle Rose forced herself on me began five years ago!  Even more overwhelming is the realization that I’ve captured HUNDREDS (over a thousand?) of beautiful souls and loving families.  I’ve never taken this gift for granted, and never will.  OK, mush over.  Now for the fun!

Our funny, sweet, adorable ladies are just as happy about Lillybelle Rose Photography in our lives, and created this kick tush song while on our vacation.  They had a blast coming up with the lyrics, and we all got a kick out of recording it.  Be sure to listen to the words carefully.  If you’ve had a session with me, you are going to crack up!   After you listen, be sure to read below for information on a fun little giveaway!





star Since #5 is my favorite number (Has been since I began Kindergarten!), I will be giving away five $10 gift cards to my favorite “special treat place” ~ Starbucks!  Woo!  Hoo!  How do you win this yummy treat?

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4.  5 winners will be chosen at random and announced here Friday, August 22nd!  Yay!



 Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for five wonderful years.  Here’s to five more!





Chicagoland Newborn Photographer | Glen Ellyn Newborn Photographer | Sawyer

*** Be sure to check back tomorrow, 8/19, for a super fun 5th anniversary video and giveaway!!! ***


Sawyer arrived a bit early, and hadn’t even hit the seven pound mark for his session.  He is the cutest little peanut!!!  Just adore the new bear hat, and think Sawyer was the perfect subject to break it in.  He did not like being on his tummy, but look at this little guy curl up ~ Love it!


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