9 months of love ~ Chicagoland Newborn and Baby Photographer, Glen Ellyn Newborn and Baby Photographer

Miss A. has grown more adorable with each passing month, just like her big sister.  It’s been my luck to have these two yummy bundles of love as neighbors, and even better, to capture them over the last two years.  Here is a peek at Miss A. just 9 months ago:

Fast forward nine months… My oh my how time flies!

Let’s talk about the handsome little yellow bear hanging out with his big girl owner, shall we?  Miss L. loved her binkys, so mom and dad were naturally concerned about taking them away from her.   Thanks to an idea from a friend (I think?), they headed over to Build A Bear where Miss L. chose her bear, stuffed him with cotton and love… and her binkys!  Isn’t that an awesome idea?!?!  She has always enjoyed carrying her favorite dolls with her, but Binky Bear is now her #1 guy and no binky is no problem!  I was thrilled to photograph Binky Bear with L. today, because he is a big piece of the story of her 3rd year.

Capture your stories.  You’ll be so glad you did.